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         Greetings from Alexey & Ilya Maenkov!

       The idea of making a good-looking and high-quality-sounding snare drum crossed our minds a very long time ago. As professional engineers, we thought it wouldn’t be a big challenge to make one. However, we soon have realized that every project (provided you take it seriously) has it’s own traps and pitfalls. So we had to take some difficulties before we could create a decent instrument. Despite the fact, that today we are making instruments we can be proud of, we believe that there’s always room for perfection.

          We truly love what we do. In spite of all the issues we have encountered, this genuine artistic freedom! It is a chance to embody dreams, to experiment, to adapt new ideas to the traditional form and vice versa, breathe life into something long-forgotten. And all that means so much!

         Every time we try to craft an instrument that would bring delight to both listener and the drummer; an instrument that could accentuate the musician’s individuality and become his true friend and inspiration. And we hope we achieve this goal every time.

Sincerely yours,

Alexey & Ilya Maenkov

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